Extending thoughts into space...

If you end up doing what you're passionate about, the journey is so easy.

-Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma, Research Cosmonaut


Parikshit is derived from the Sanskrit name ‘Parikshan’ which means ‘Testing’. Parikshit Student Satellite Team started in 2010 with the goal of increasing student industry link, contributing to the country’s space program and making Manipal Institute of Technology a respected center for space technology. Under the constant guidance of various scientists from ISRO Satellite Centre (ISAC), Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) and a panel of faculties of MIT we have cleared critical milestones to launch our first satellite. We have set up a state-of-the-art laboratory with various facilities like the ground station which can track satellites in orbit, a clean room for testing and a soldering room for circuit prototyping and testing. What is unique about Parikshit is that it is an undergraduate research project and we have presented more than 50 technical papers worldwide.


Our satellite is a 2U class, Polar Low Earth Orbiting, Earth Pointing Nanosatellite. A nanosatellite is an artificial satellite with a mass between 1 to 10 kg, our satellite has dimensions of 10x10x22.7 cm and weighs 2.3 kg. Nanosatellites are appealing because their small size gives them the option to piggyback on larger launches, avoiding the need for a dedicated launch. Our primary payload is a Terrestrial Thermal Imager which will click thermal images of the Indian Subcontinent. Our secondary payload is an Electrodynamic Tether which is an experimental payload. An electrodynamic tether is essentially a long conducting wire extending downwards from an orbiting platform which experiences a Lorentz force by interacting with the magnetic field and the ionosphere. This force deorbits the satellite. Until recently it has been standard practice for a satellite in orbit to leave it there. However, the number of satellites has grown quickly, and as a result, the demand to develop such technologies has increased dramatically.

"Parikshit is your 'Pariksha'! Learn well, question deeply. Don't take anything for granted.Success will be yours. God Bless,Happy Creating and testing!"

-Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma, Research Cosmonaut
(Parikshit lab 2017)

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