Beginning of The Indian Space Odessey

Author: Akash Kumar Singh

Journey of India to Space

Author: Abhishek Avadhanam

Introduction to ADCS

Author: Abhishek Avadhanam

Title: Frames of Reference

Authors: Smit Kamal and Carina

Title: Introduction to Communications and ground systems

Author: Himanshi Tanwer

Title: Electronic components and ground station.

Authors: Himanshi Tanwer and Rakshit R Nayak

Title: The Payload Subsystem

Author: Stephen Eric

Title: Thermal Satellite Imagery

Author: Deeksha Sabhari

Title: Microcontroller Basics

Author: Ritika T

Title: Operating Systems, Context Switching and Scheduling

Author: C Sai Kasyap

Title: Solar Cells

Author: Manoj T

Title: Power Management

Author: Archisha Tripathi

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